How Important is Cyber Security?

75 % of UK Companies say Cyber Security is a priority. So why are we still being caught out?

Are you proactively trying to stay safe or do you think it won’t happen to you? Our article will give you food for thought …

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Data security during the lockdown - a guide

Custodia have made a free guide you can read and circulate to your staff, co-workers and friends in order to keep them aware of the latest threats and scams.

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20 Questions - Quickly evaluate where you're at in terms of your business Security, Backup, Continuity and Compliance.

The twenty questions below are a simple and brief assessment framework that will give you a good idea of where to start in when figuring out your business’s risk.

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Introducing Custodia - Why we do what we do.

Removing the worry, freeing up staff time, letting you get on with business.. Find out why everyone we have worked with has been blown away by the difference of our offering made to their day to day operations and how we were able to wipe away their uncertainty about continuity and backups and free them from concerns about policies, privacy and security. of their business-critical data.

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Coming next: Data Convenience over Security

Data has become the main single point of failure for almost all sectors with the demands being placed on constant access and the need for immediate availability fuelling a trend that reduces the overall security and resilience of most businesses. We can chart a clear trend over the past 10 years that shows an increase in both the importance of easily accessing and sharing data for day to day operation and the crucial nature of this data to running a business.

Simply put, the risks of a data loss are now becoming catastrophic, but conversely, we are demanding greater ease of accessibility.

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Coming soon: Backup - What should we be doing.

Social media infection vectors, staff members opening malicious files behind your fire wall, ransomware attacks through middlemen via your suppliers, and the best border defences (firewalls and virus protection) are no help at all. In this article we explore backups and disaster recovery planning giving you a simple guide to what we should all be doing to keep our essential data safe and our businesses running smoothly.

Back up and Disaster Recovery, the most important things no one ever does.

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