Cyber Security - Why?

On the face of it we all know (or are repeatedly told) that Cyber Security is essential and that we are at risk.

Everyone knows a business or individual who has lost money or time to an attacker or a well-worded and believable scam. However, our technology is increasingly more complex as is our reliance on it, so how do you navigate the time consuming detail of staying safe, making sure you have backups and a secure network, that your colleagues are as up to speed as you are and should the worst happen you are prepared?

Cyber Security
Do it yourself

Can I do this myself?

If you are a large organisation you can throw money at the problem and think it will go away but despite the recent British Airways and Travelex debacles which have shown this isn’t the case, this culture still exists. There are increasing numbers of "Do It Yourself" solutions advertised that require us to put down the things we do best and to take on another role to keep our businesses safe. Perhaps unlike me you are a unique and beautiful unicorn but personally I am quite busy enough with my actual job and don’t need another one.

However, I am constantly being told I need to do more, and secure this, and comply with that and could I please attend this training, and oh by the way have you heard about this new email scam…?

It’s an anxiety-inducing and exhausting situation, being bombarded by what you should do, but feeling like you already have enough on your plate. Understandably, most of us simply hope the worst won’t happen to us and despite the obvious risk, we choose to do nothing and hope for the best.

We can Help

Many of the SMEs we work with say they see their online security as paramount, but just don’t have the time to both focus on growing their business and serving their customers, and also to deal with the ever-changing demands of cyber security.

The big managed platforms are too expensive and the Do It Yourself cloud services are too complicated, so people often feel caught in a loop and decide to do nothing. It feels like a sorry situation when the desire to demonstrate competence with sensitive data exists but the tools and the will to do so are out of reach.

We understand, we get it - we’d like you to be able to get on with your job and not have to worry about your data.

Give us a call - we’re very friendly. Let us take the stress away and help you to get on with what you do best, whilst demonstrating competence and compliance to your ever more demanding customers.

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Emergency file servers, satellite internet, temporary offices...we can help you plan for any kind of data disaster and make sure your customers keep getting the service they deserve.

All included, 24/7 support, all part of the service.


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