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The twenty questions below are a simple and brief assessment framework that will give you a good idea of where to start in when figuring out your business’s risk. If you find you are answering yes to all the questions, then brilliant - you are likely to be heading in the right direction. If you are answering no or don’t know to most of the questions, then don’t worry; we are here to help.


Give us a call and we can advise you on your next steps and if you think you need us we can start a relationship together to help put any concerns you may have to bed and to make your business competent, compliant, resilient and ready for business in the 21st century. If you need any support, if you have any questions about this document or you would just like to chat further about your needs, give us a call, drop us an email or contact us through our website, and one of our amazing team will be on hand to help.

70% of UK Companies did nothing about GDPR and security since 2018 Almost 33% of UK Companies reported a cyber attack or data breach in 2019

Doing it right first time.

We have found that each aspect of our core four offering (Security, Backup, Continuity, Compliance) is impossible to provide competently without the other three.
Here's a quick run-down of what we offer as standard:


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  • A full annual data-security audit
  • Managed border firewalling to protect your front line
  • Managed VPN access to allow secure, encrypted remote working
  • Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention, helping to block malicious access
  • Remote logging and reporting, to allow proper forensic analysis
  • Regular staff training on security and data protection


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  • From laptops to cloud drives, email to databases and websites, if it's important, it's backed up
  • Full backup of your essential data to a double-duplicated, air-gapped (not internet connected), secure location
  • Our server locations - there are two - are all self-owned and are so secure they could be used as armouries
  • 365 distinct data restore points as standard
  • Virus scanning and encryption of all backups
  • Protection from malware and ransomware


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  • On-Premises server containing 7 days of data backup for quick recovery
  • Creation and Management of your Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Regular testing of your Recovery Plan (if you don’t test it, does it work?)
  • Full on-site assistance in the event of an incident at no extra charge


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  • A full annual data-protection audit
  • Creation, management and updating of all your company data policies:
    • GDPR policy
    • DPA 2018 compliance
    • Data Retention Policies
    • Modern Slavery Policy
    • IT Security Policy
    • Bring your own device Policies
    • Privacy & cookie Policies
    • Data Breach Policy
    • Subject Access Request Procedures
    • ... and any other policies as required to ensure that you are compliant and stay compliant as legislation changes
  • Never worry about your policies going out of date - we keep on top of this for you and re-issue policies regularly
  • Easy handbook materials covering cyber security and data protection (because who reads the policies? Well, we do, so you don’t have to!)

All this for a simple monthly subscription. We take a whole swathe of sleepless nights’ problems and deal with them for you, letting you focus on what you do best; running your business. We see data security and data protection compliance as a single offering; the two elements are, quite simply, too closely linked to be treated as separate entities anymore.

To have full security you need backups, to have good backups, you need a continuity disaster plan, and to have a good continuity plan your compliance and policies need to be up to date and complete.

For compliance you need remote logging and intrusion detection….

For everything to work seamlessly, your staff need to be trained.

We call this the sphere of resilience; from border defences like firewalls, all the way to passive security in your offsite backups and the maintenance of your polices and staff knowledge - it all fits together to keep your business safe and let you compete on a level playing field with big business.

This is the Custodia way - you are not on your own, you have access to support as and when you need it, with a real person simply a phone call away (even at 2am!)

Give us a call and see how we can work with you to strengthen your business and prove your competence and compliance for both your current customers and your next big contracts.

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