How the Custodia concept was born

Many moons ago in the distant past, we were looking at disaster recovery solutions and we hit upon several realisations. The good solutions, those that are tested regularly and that are flexible to your needs, are eye-wateringly expensive.

The solutions that are financially viable for a small business were very much of the "here is a dashboard, off you go" variety, and still not cheap.

We rather thought this wasn't fair, if you had piles of cash you could protect yourself and if not.....

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We took up the challenge

First we devised a secure, off-cloud, best-practice based, open source system to allow genuinely secure backups of all an organisation's essential data.

We added our expertise in planning and support to provide a single service that offers affordable managed disaster recovery and backup.

Once we had had this licked we added the essential extra ingredients of legal / privacy compliance and network security, creating a perfectly supported recipe to make sure businesses can get on with what they do best and leave the security, backup, continuity and compliance of their essential data to us.

Our Experience

We have over 20 years' experience managing customers' essential data and ensuring that information is protected. We have wide experience in risk management and compliance and though we aren't privacy lawyers, we do partner with people who are. All of our work is insurance backed so you can be safe in the knowledge that a relationship with us is as safe as the proverbial houses.

We would love to tell you about our success stories - we are very proud of what we have created - but we believe in absolute confidentiality. Unlike most companies we never advertise who we work with, nor where we physically keep the data we store; we think its safer that way.

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Partner with Us

A relationship with us is a partnership. We do not use support tickets or dashboards, and we don't leave you to go it alone. We are there on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your business never misses a beat.

Security, Backup, Continuity, Compliance.
One relationship.

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