20 Years of Computer Security Experience

Rogue employees, foreign hackers, viruses, malware, lost laptops, script kiddies - it'd be nice to know that's all covered, right?

Our network security system is the result of 20 years' experience running internet connected networks (no, we didn't add this up amongst our staff - our technical director started doing this in 1999.).
Custodia provides just the right balance between security and convenience. Sitting between your internet provider's connection and your internal network, we provide comprehensive firewalling, traffic monitoring and intrusion detection whilst improving your network performance through traffic prioritisation and the ability to combine multiple internet connections.

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A key requirement of GDPR and a whole host of other industry standards is that if your network is compromised, you must be able to recognise the intrusion, provide forensic evidence, logs and audit trails and shut down the network to prevent information theft.

Custodia is the Solution

Our security hardware provides all this in a low-power package that is compatible with any internet provider and network layout. Using open source software for complete transparency and industry leading security and performance, the Custodia solution also provides rapid on-site restore of your backup data to complement the long term off-line backup storage, which gives you complete protection from ransomware and data loss thorough human fault, technical error or malicious intent.


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