We think our service is an essential element of any business, not a luxury.

If you handle personal data in any way (so that's anyone with either customers or employees) and rely on data to run the business then the security, backup, continuity and compliance of your business are essential components which can no longer be half-done, ignored or shoved under the carpet.

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Fair Pricing for All

We price our service based on the complexity and size of your organisation. Helping start-ups get things right from the get-go is a simpler process than comprehensively auditing an established business and our pricing reflects that.

We also want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to compete for the big contracts, your bigger competitors might have their own compliance departments and seven data protection officers but our customers can prove their compliance and procedural attention to detail with pride, giving their customers and suppliers the feeling of competence and compliance which lead to bigger customers, bigger contracts and business growth.

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Startups & Charities

Turnover up to 250K

From £250 a month

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Established Organisations

Turnover up to 500K / up to 10 Staff

From £480 a month

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Larger Companies

Turnover up to 1M / Up to 30 staff

From £780 a month

Protecting every device

We monitor and protect all your computers 24/7/365, no annual contracts, just whatever computers you are using in a given month, fully licenced and billed monthly.

Essential protection

Security Operation Center integration and BitDefender Anti virus with Disk Encryption
£7.50 per machine per month

Advanced protection

Security Operation Center integration, BitDefender Gravity Zone Anti virus, Disk Encryption, Advanced Network Threat Detection & email scanning
£15 per machine per month


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