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Businesses of all sizes are increasingly relying on cloud-based solutions for data storage and backup. But what happens in the event of a loss of availability of the service or the need to retrieve historical data?

The data held on these services is often critical to a business and yet few companies have a strategy in place to recover it. Business continuity is about having a solid recovery plan in place to deal with such situations, so you can continue to operate with as little disruption as possible.

And, Custodia are here to help you!

The Business Continuity Experts

Here at Custodia we help you with every stage of continuity planning to make sure your organisation is fully prepared to recover data easily following a disaster. Working closely with you, we get a clear understanding of your needs and how your business operates to:

  • Create a comprehensive & personalised disaster recovery plan
  • Maintain & test your custom business continuity plan regularly
  • Update & adjust your plan following any network or staff changes
  • Offer complete support to put your plan into action should an incident occur
  • Dispatch our team to work with you to get you back up and running effectively
  • Be available to you any time to manage your transition back to normal operations

Emergency file servers, satellite internet, temporary offices... we can help you plan for any kind of data disaster and apply a tailored disaster recovery plan that ensures your customers keep getting the high standard of service they deserve.

Why Business Continuity Planning?

Robust disaster recovery and continuity planning is critical to mitigating the impact data loss would have on your business.

A good business continuity plan:

✔ Recognises potential threats to your business data

✔ Examines how they would affect day-to-day operations

✔ Helps you get up and running again quickly and effectively if the worst happens

Most importantly, business continuity planning limits downtime, so you can focus on providing an β€˜always-on’ customer service no matter what changes happen in your business – planned or unplanned.

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