The Problem

Small enterprises increasingly reply on the availability, security and guardianship of confidential digital data provided by complex systems in order to function effectively. Businesses increasingly rely on "the cloud" which is essence means "data not on the premises".

The data held on these services is often mission-critical and few companies have a strategy in place to recover this data in the event of either a loss of availability of the service or the need to recover historical data.

For example, emails from an employee who was dismissed 12 months ago are now required for a court case, or data stored by someone when they were in a previous role is now required for a new contract.

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The Custodia Solution

Custodia not only creates a comprehensive and personalised disaster recovery plan, we maintain and test that plan regularly, adjusting it when staff join and leave or when digital services come and go.

Should an incident occur, we will be here with you to put the plan into action and get you back up and running, dispatching one of our team to work with you if required and making sure we stay on the case until you are back up and running. We are then available to you any time to manage your transition back to normal operations.

Protect your data with the Custodia - the continuity experts

Emergency file servers, satellite internet, temporary offices... we can help you plan for any kind of data disaster and make sure your customers keep getting the service they deserve.


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