Can you demonstrate compliance with relevant legislation?

Any company that holds personal data needs to be able to show they are competent to hold this data and that they are compliant with the relevant legislation.

Very few small enterprises have effective intrusion detection, network monitoring and protection or centralised archived logging, all of which are basic requirements under even the broadest legislation such as GDPR.

Prosecutions under this legislation have now begun in earnest and it is becoming a vital part of the operating procedures of any enterprise that they are able to show both competence and compliance in these areas.

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Are your policies up to date?

Do you have the policies you need? Are they up to date? (GDPR guidelines changed 6 times from May 2018 - October 2019) Have your staff read them? Does everyone understand their responsibilities around personal data management?

Don't worry if the answer is "I don't know" or "maybe....", give us a call and next time a prospective customer asks, you can hand over your very comprehensive policies and handbooks that will give them every confidence that you are both competent and compliant.

How Custodia will help you

We will work with you to create not only your policies, but also guidance notes that allow your colleagues to easily digest them in a single sheet of A4, significantly more readable than a thirty page GDPR policy document.
Add to that clear IT policies, bring your own device, data retention and others, we create a policy and internal process pack for your specific business and no two are the same.

Then we will keep it updated for you. New legislation is published almost weekly, so we will take any updates, re-write your policies and issue them to you whenever there is a change.

Just to make sure everything is absolutely covered we will also implement a system to regularly check your websites's cookies and help you add an unobtrusive banner that allows visitors to accept or decline them and a policy page so you can share your public policies.

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Make Compliance easy with Custodia

Sound good? We promise it is. Let us take the hassle out of your compliance.

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