Protecting your business from complete data loss

Data backup isn't making sure all your files are on Dropbox. It's not a USB hard drive someone takes home with the company documents on it. And, it's not making sure it's all "on the cloud".

It’s so much more than that and here at Custodia, our comprehensive backup service has you covered.

We not only backup your files but also your cloud accounts, emails, websites and databases – in fact, any business-critical digital asset. No matter the size of your business, our managed backup solutions help protect your company data and minimise the risk of data loss – giving you complete peace of mind.

How our backup solution works

1. Your data is collected and transferred to our intermediate servers where it’s scanned for viruses and encrypted.

2. Your data is rolled into our air-locked backup service, stored in our private storage facility and locked down until you need it. Not even your employees will have direct access (unless you want them to!)

3. Air Gapped (stored offline) long term archive storage holds all your assets in our two. mirrored private data centres on encrypted servers, which have no direct internet connection to help prevent cyber attacks. We hold two copies of your data in two separate locations to ensure it is always available to you

4. On restore most backup solutions send data directly back into your compromised network, this allows an attacker to repeat their breach all over again.
We hold your data on a secure server, fully accessible to you for as long as you need.
This means your business can continue normally even while your own network is being secured after an attack.

Fast & efficient backup services

Our approach to data backups gives you the best of both worlds.

Our managed data backup services provide a fast and efficient local restore of your data on-site without waiting for long internet transfers.

It also offers truly offline backups to which rogue employees, hackers, ransomware and viruses have no access. This allows us to completely restore your business assets even in the event of total data loss of all your local and cloud services. And, if you need a lot of data back very quickly and your internet connection is down, one of our recovery team members will jump in the car and drive it down, get you up and running again quickly and stay with you to assist for as long as you need.

  • Fully managed backup and recovery solutions
  • Minimise the risk of data loss
  • On-site backups for quick data restore
  • Long-term secure data storage
  • Recover data 24/7, 365 days of the year
  • Off-site backups to facilitate compliance requirements
  • Complete business ransomware protection

Benefits of Managed Security Services

Partnering with Custodia to manage your network security offers a host of benefits…

✔ Assists with regulatory and industry standard compliance
✔ Improves your cyber security maturity quickly
✔ Reduces staff recruitment, retention and training costs
✔ Saves on capital and operational costs of an in-house system
✔ Offers the latest in technology and security expertise

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