A backup solution that covers everything

Backup isn't making sure all your files are on Dropbox, it's not a USB hard drive someone takes home with the company documents on it. It's not making sure it's all "on the cloud".

Custodia customers enjoy a comprehensive backup solution that not only provides backup of their files but also their cloud accounts, emails, websites and databases and in fact any digital asset which has value to the company.

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How our backup solution works

We provide our own Custodia hardware to sit on your network, continuously backing up your data for rapid on-site restore but complement this with real Air Gapped (stored offline) long term archive storage of all your assets in our private data centre on encrypted servers which have no direct internet connection.

All your data is collected by our Custodia hardware and then transferred to our intermediate servers, where it is virus scanned and encrypted, before being rolled into our air-locked backup service, which physically cuts its internet connection before opening a connection to our private storage facility and locking down your data until you need it.

Our Approach

This approach gives you the best of both worlds, fast and efficient local restore of your data on-site without waiting for long internet transfers and truly offline backups to which hackers, ransomware and viruses have no access, allowing us to completely restore your business assets even in the event of a total loss of all your local and cloud services.

And if you need a lot of data back very quickly and your internet connection is down, we will dispatch one of our team and drive it down to you, get you up and running and stay with you for as long as you need us.

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