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Cyber hackers, malicious malware, rogue employees, unauthorised outgoing information. Sadly, these threats are the day to day security problems faced by businesses large and small.

A firewall is fundamental to protecting your critical and confidential data. But that’s quite simple isn’t it? Isn’t it built into most computers?

The simple answer is yes, simple unmanaged firewalls area built into most computers, but a professionally managed security service is a whole different beast. It will be the first line of defence protecting your network’s infrastructure and proactively blocking malicious attacks. The managed security service is like having an army at the gate rather than a security guard!

Even if you have internal IT personnel a professionally managed security service will leave those staff free to focus on other business objectives. High-level firewall management requires an enormous degree of expertise and continuous vigilance.

The purchase and initial set up of the security to suit your organisations network is just the beginning. The managed security service provider (MSSP) will not only get the firewall and intrusion prevention established but will modify and maintain it when needed. They will also provide regular reports, feedback and analysis.

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Here’s six reasons why you need one:

Monitor your network traffic

Security experts monitor your firewall remotely and study your network traffic. This enables them to learn what your typical traffic looks like and to alleviate potential threats. This 24-hour monitoring allows the MSSP to easily identify anything malicious and correct it.


Advanced firewalls are required for compliance to mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. Meeting essential regulatory and industry standard compliance is vital to those companies that are paid online, have access to sensitive patient health information and deal with confidential personal data.

An advanced stand against security threats

Security challenges become more and more sophisticated by the day. A managed firewall service will give business owners confidence that the most up-to-date applications are being utilised. They can rest assured that the best form of shielding is in place to prevent unnecessary network traffic, corruption, or data breaches.

A managed security service offers the latest in technology and security expertise, application control and web filtering.

Cost cutting

A managed security service will reduce recruitment of staff as well as retention and training costs. These savings can be applied to the payment of an MSSP.

Recruiting an IT expert to the level required to look after a sophisticated security system can be expensive as the person would need a lot of specialised knowledge.

Using an external resource also saves on capital and the operational costs of an in-house IT system.

Reports and analysis

Your business is likely facing many threats but without the proper insights, you won’t know the scale of the challenges facing your business.

A knowledge of what activity is taking place within your network can give a great understanding of where you may have weaknesses in your security. This can be worked out by seeing what the threats were and where they came from.

Detailed reports can provide information on bandwidth usages and web usage – this can even pinpoint a particular workstation – giving you an insight into how effectively your team is working.

The reports will inform you on your cyber security measures and identify any risks to the business. As this is very fluid, regular reports will give you a clear picture of what is happening.

If the worst happens…

Even the most advanced security can be breached, and if the worst happens and an attack succeeds, you will have a team of experts on hand to get your network back up and running.

Having a managed security team massively reduces the chance of this happening but their expertise and specialist knowledge will enable them to execute a quick recovery if it does.

Your whole business will benefit from our managed security service as one of the four pillars we provide to all of our customers, Security, Backup, Continuity and Compliance. All of the services a modern business needs, with none of the horrible invoices from consultants.

Partnering with us to manage your network security offers a host of other benefits, not just a managed firewall system.

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